Witness Of Roswell UFO Crash Shows Off Alien Hyroglifics | The World's Strangest UFO Stories

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  1. even on youtube all the ufo shit has the cringiest most sensationalist editing.
    are you guys too dense to comprehend that people like youtube so much because we can get away from all that trash?

  2. What's with the backing music, was this produced for a pre, school lesson, you've lost all the authenticity of what this is all about.

  3. I don't believe it. We put man on the moon in our first attempt yet these supposed masters of intergalactic travel, piercing wormholes through space and time, traveling at the speed of light, flew all the way to New Mexico and crashed in the dirt like a couple of drunk teenagers? Didn't they at least have airbags? How can E.T.not be able to park his own vehicle?

  4. Kind of throws the the purple scotch tape theory out the window since it was covered with flowers and I don't see any flowers in this supposed writing So it was a nice try to explain it away but not quite good enough

  5. Let’s get one thing straight off the bat. America never won the war. Only brainwashed Americans believe that bullshit lie. The allies won the fucking war, all allies. Not the USA alone.


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