I Only Used Sunday Riley Skincare for 2 Months

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  1. I always love hearing your opinions on the skincare brands I review so please leave a comment with your experience with Sunday Riley or what you think of them!

  2. The CEO makeup cleanser burned my eyes, too! I used it 5x for my eye makeup, using pads instead of just my hands, and I had the same burning sensation. I had to take off my eye makeup with something else and then cleanse my face. 👀 The cleanser itself is great and smells wonderfully clean, but my eyes don’t like it! Hehe

  3. Eminence skin line is my absolute favorite! I don’t know if you’ve looked into it yet but it’s incredible. Just ordered good genes. Wish me luck! I also have extremely sensitive skin

  4. You have gorgeous skin!!! I wish I could afford a set like that, your skin is happy and yummy looking!! Great video girl!!

  5. the CEO makeup remover burned my eyes so badly even when not applied to eye area I have no idea why they haven't reformulated by now. I think the granules are supposed to be in Blue Moon since every one I purchased had it

  6. I watched this for the sleeping oil! So glad you liked it. I tried the sample and liked it but your positive review made me want to order it.

  7. I ditto what you said – BROKE ME OUT 1000X MORE! Asked for full refund. And Sunday Riley said "We have never had this issue happen with U.F.O. before."  ARRGGGHH!

  8. I have been using UFO kit and it made me break out but my face now clearing from any type of ance and blemishes and I couldn't be anymore happier! Yeah, it sucks because more ance but again my skin is actually clearing up.

  9. That’s interesting that you don’t like Good Genes has much as Baby facial. I find that Good Genes just works for my skin and gives me the skin I want in one night of using, but with baby facial I used it and I found that it did nothing 😂 no burning my face found the same. I have the same skin type as you but weird how our skin like different things. Love your reviews


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