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WWII From Space delivers World War II in a way you’ve never experienced it before. This two-hour History special uses an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a satellite view of the conflict, allowing you to experience it in a way that places key events and tipping points in a global perspective.

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  1. There is no winner in war. The one percenters make money from the people that die (immoraly wrong) and we believe what the government wants us to believe.

  2. Its hard to picture yourself in this period of time. I think this is easily the best documentary ive ever seen. It is amazing to see how everything played out

  3. in the battle of midway not all four japanese carriers were destroyed, three were destroyed and one was damaged. Also japan had another two carriers which only one was heavily damaged.

  4. Man, there's a lot of simplistic errors in the script. For instance, at 51:00 the Air Force wasn't even in existence. Or the mention that a U-boat can go for thousands of miles submerged. Otherwise, it's entertaining.

  5. Thanks to the Americans for employing Nazi scientists to create a weapon that could potentially end all life on earth. The Nazi's won the war.

  6. "Will we continue to do what our weapons enable us to?"

    I sure hope not. Not if we expect to survive as a species, at least.

  7. Lol "FROM SPACE". They amped that angle up so much for this documentary but its the exact same as seeing it on regular old maps…

  8. 5 minutes in I can't watch this.This may be a glossy way to introduce the war to plebs.I see nothing I don't already know.A matter of fact it's rather infantile. Have a nice day

  9. Typical 'typical 'typical 'American points of view.Lets start the war from December 1941.I as a European know the date of December 7th and the words of Roosevelt.Starting from this date is misinforming quite a few Americans into believing the war didn't really escalate until December 7th.The Japanese were already fighting for 10 years in china.The biggest land battle had already commenced Germany invaded The USSR.Britain had serviced the Battle of Britain.This documentary just touched on a few things.This is what annoys the rest of the world.And makes the general American public look stupid when asked simple questions

  10. The amount of demands America made to offer their help to the allies tell you all you need to know about them….down right cunts


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