Donald Trump: 'You'll Soon Find Out' If U.S. Plans Iran Air Strike | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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  1. Trump is unpredictable, unstable, unnerving as a leader of a country. This is exactly what I seen in the cards. Dangerous for U.S. security.

  2. he call's every other leader by the first name so that he makes it clear he's in charge, everybody including us should start trolling on his name as Donny or Don
    it's a fact he hates it he sees it as weakness and disrespect …turn the tables

  3. You’ll find out, How Donald Trump Run to Retreat after he escalate his War in Iran, Making America Clown Again. Chicken Out MACA

  4. well,now i know more about daytona winners than ever,it was impressive that Trump admitted that sometimes hes right,sometimes hes wrong,but then he blew it,he is usually right.but he is always on point about the most important topic in his day….hisself.


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